Welcome to e-Juicicle.com

All of our e-liquids are made by us in the UK using 100% natural ingredients. Each bottle of e-juice contains 10-20% flavouring, guaranteeing the most mouth-wateringly delicious vaping experience possible. Why not check out our exclusive “Juicicles” designed with just the right amount of icy coolness to refresh the palate and deliver a completely exhilarating vape!

Not only do we offer nicotine strengths from 0-18mg, we also have the option of “vape style” depending on which type of e-cigarette system you use. If you use a basic eGo style e-cig, select “Discreet” from the drop-down menu. This is a 30PG/70VG mix designed to be easily absorbed by string wicks. If you vape with a low powered battery set-up and your tank has a replaceable coil then opt for the “Medium” selection. This 50PG/50VG mix will last longer and create more tasty vapour. For the “Cloudchasers” out there, we have a 30PG/70VG mix just for you. These are best vaped at the high temperatures achieved with sub-ohm devices.

We have now introduced CBD vape liquid which is available in over 160 flavours, 3 strengths and 2 sizes.