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Eleaf ELLO Tank

The Eleaf ELLO Tank features a 2ml TRPR compliant capacity and innovative sliding top mechanism to make refilling quick and easy. The powerful HW coils enable the tank to reach wattage levels in excess of 100W for huge cloud production. Ideal for any vaper looking to take on cloud chasing or simply upgrade to a more powerful sub-ohm option.

Eleaf iStick Tria 

The iStick Tria battery mod, is the first Eleaf device to offer the user a huge 300W of power output. With a unique offset fire button for added vaping comfort and a stylish, compact form factor, the Tria certainly sets itself apart from the rest of the pack

Eleaf iKuu i200 

Packing a massive 200W of output power, the iKuu i200 is compatible with multiple varieties of tanks on the market. With upgradeable firmware to remain up to date and QC2.0 charging along with a built in temperature range to allow for safer charging, the i200 is certainly full of features.

Eleaf iKuu i80 

With its sleek design and compact form factor, the i80 is a perfect partner for any vaper looking for an easy to use sub ohm device. The unit utilises a built in 3000mAh battery and QC2.0 charging ability with a unique built in temperature range for safer charging, plus a maximum power output of 80W.


The Eleaf TESSERA is designed not just to be visually stunning with its unique “low poly” design, but to be versatile. A beast within beauty, it features a large, clear and sharp looking colour display with a customisable user interface, a substantial 3400mAh internal battery and up to 150W of power. Supplied as a complete kit with a colour matched Eleaf ELLO TS tank, this is the ideal e-cig kit for vapers who like to directly inhale.

Eleaf Invoke Kit 

The Eleaf Invoke is a powerful 220W e-cig, which uses dual 18650 batteries and features a centred 510 connection. With a large 1.3” OLED screen and newly designed interface, using the Invoke is a breeze. QC 2.0 charging compatibility is included for a reduction in charge time.

Eleaf iStick Trim Kit

The iStick Trim is an incredibly thin device. With a generous 1800mAh battery capacity and QC2.0 charging compatible. The battery has an OLED screen which displays the remaining battery, along with three easy to use power modes, L (Low), M (Medium) & H (High) which makes changing the settings a breeze.

Eleaf Pico 25

The Eleaf Pico 25 packs a lot of power in to a small unit without compromising on its compact form factor and appeal. Able to produce up to 85W on a single 18650 battery and with a variety of output modes available. The supplied ELLO tank complements the unit perfectly with its HW atomizer heads able to produce sizeable clouds.

Eleaf iKonn 220

Featuring the ELLO tank with a 2ml TRPR compliant capacity and a power output up to 220W, the iKonn 220 is truly a cloud chasers dream. The ELLO tank uses the HW series of coils and the slider mechanism makes refilling a breeze.

Eleaf iJust NexGen

The iJust NexGen by Eleaf not only comes with the well-made HW coils that are designed for ultimate flavour, but also features the retractable top system for ease of filling the tank. Being an all-in-one style setup, it skillfully packs a long sustainable built-in 3000mAh battery with a 2ml tank in a compact tube-like unit.

Eleaf Basal Kit 

The Eleaf Basal is a slim and sleek box mod, with a high quality all metal finish in some truly sumptuous colours. Featuring a 1500mAh battery and mirrored OLED screen for easy viewing of current settings, the Basal stands out from the crowd.

Eleaf iKonn Total

Including an internal tank system and hidden firing button, the Eleaf iKonn Total is an innovative new design for an e-cigarette. With a sliding cover to protect the ELLO mini tank, combined with a sliding top fill for easy refills, the iKonn Total is a real powerhouse, but keeps a compact and stylish design.

Eleaf iCare

The Eleaf iCare is the ideal starter e-cig kit for first time vapers. An all in one system means the iCare is compact and discreet.

Eleaf Pico Dual

The Pico Dual is a compact dual 18650 mod with a 200W maximum output. It features a cell balancing trickle charge system and delivers a maximum charging current of 1.5A for quick charge capability when using the Avatar quick charger.

Eleaf iStick Basic

The Eleaf iStick Basic combines easy to use operation, long battery life and innovative features to create a streamlined e-cigarette starter kit.

Eleaf iJust One

The iJust One, a new all-in-one style by Eleaf, skillfully integrates a built-in battery with a 2ml tank in one tiny tube-like unit. With a single button to operate it, the iJust One comes across as an ordinary starter kit, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Eleaf iCare Mini

The ideal starter e-cig, the Eleaf iCare Mini makes vaping easy. There are no buttons and no settings to adjust, simply install an atomizer head, fill with your favourite e-liquid and draw.

Eleaf Melo/Ijust 2 Replacement Coil

The new Eleaf Melo Sub-Ohm Cotton Coils are for the Eleaf Melo and being of the "Bottom Vertical Coil" design, can also be used with the Aspire Atlantis and Ijust 2.

Eleaf iJust One Atomiser

Pack of 5 replacement atomisers for the Eleaf iJust One.

Eleaf iStick Mini 10W Mod

The Eleaf mini iStick is a small palm size battery but with the added advantage of delivering a powerful 10W. This discreet variable voltage e-cigarette features a top LED digital display screen showing current voltage set, remaining battery life and seconds of your inhalation.